A couple in Miami ran the Keysfish House.Police said they stole $ 2.5 million at work

A couple in Miami was arrested after an investigation revealed that they had stolen $ 2.5 million from a Florida Keys fisherman and several commercial fishermen, according to the Monroe County Security Officer’s Office. I did.

Marianela Armenteros, 44, and Yamir Gonzalez Betancourt, 53, were detained in Miami-Dade’s detention center.

They have been accused of spending months committing scams to monetize the work of others on Stock Island.

Armenteros was charged with multiple counts of felony massive thefts, and Gonzalez-Betancourt was charged with one count of felony massive thefts.

According to Sheriff’s office spokesman Adam Linhardt, the pair worked at a fishhouse on 6000 blocks on Peninsula Avenue owned by Valero Duran.

According to Linhard, Armenteros puts thousands of stone crabs and lobster tags on her name instead of the name of a commercial fisherman, preventing fishermen from fishing legally and benefiting from their work. Said that he was getting.

Armenteros also placed a commercial fisherman’s boat in her name without his permission, and the fisherman lost money because the fishermen could not sell their products to the company. Linhard said.

Meanwhile, Gonzales Betancourt robbed fishhouses by selling lobsters directly and exporting buyers in cash instead of fishhouses, spending more than $ 100,000 on the business, investigators said.

In early 2021, the fish store owner and three commercial fishermen contacted the sheriff’s office and said they were stealing money.

On Friday, Almentellos was held in $ 400,000 and Gonzales Betancourt was held in $ 100,000, according to Linhardt.

It was unclear if they had a legal representative. According to Linhard, they are expected to be taken to Monroe County to be prosecuted.

Rafael Garcia is an online report on the Florida Corporate Division website, Valero-Duran Corp., 6011 Peninsular Ave. Listed as President of. Garcia’s address is in Miami, the report said. The business is also listed as Key West Fisheries in state records.

I couldn’t ask Garcia for comment on Friday. The call to the company number in the record was not answered.