A crocodile shot in Hilton Head’s gated community on Wednesday ignites violent rumors

I found a dead crocodile shot on private land Hilton Head Plantation Collected by Critter Management on Wednesday, according to the community’s general manager, Peter Christian.

“We have a crocodile. I think it was shot yesterday,” he said. “I had to shoot somewhere else. We sometimes come across this.”

He said Wednesday’s Gator was the second shot found in the property in “a few years”. He said social media claimed that Gator was the seventh shot found in 2022, “false” and “unfounded.”

“The gunshots were what my inhabitants informed me day and night,” Christian said. “We have 4,250 homes and almost nothing happens without anyone noticing or hearing anything. There were no reports of firing anywhere on the premises. Shooting at Hilton Head Plantation I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but it’s probably very unlikely. “

In September, the crocodile had to then be removed from the Hilton Head Plantation Attacked a woman While she walks her dog near the lagoon. The water was next to the women’s backyard on the Lucary Way. Earlier by Island Packet, it was her daily routine to walk the dog in the area. A neighbor could go out and shovel an eight-foot crocodile on her nose and release a woman who was later taken to the Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah for her leg injury. rice field. The female dog was not injured in the incident.

“It was obviously a situation where someone was feeding the crocodile and it became aggressive, and then we hired an agency to put in and get rid of the crocodile,” Christian said. I did.

The crocodile was euthanized in the September attack.

Crocodile safety

The mating season for the American alligator season is usually from late March to June. This means that residents and tourists are more likely to see men meandering in the lagoon to meet potential peers. Crocodile-human interaction is rare, Occurs more frequently In the well-developed Beaufort County.

For safety, the South Carolina Natural Resources Department emphasizes that alligators, which are illegal in the state, should not be fed. When crocodiles are fed, they tend to connect people with food and become aggressive.

Keep at least 60 feet between yourself and the animals, and if you are close to their youth, they are more likely to rush at you, so stay away from the nest.

SCDNR experts Escape straight and fast From the crocodile because they usually don’t chase too far. It is a misconception that people should run in a zigzag pattern away from the crocodile.

Call the DNR Wildlife Biologist (803-625-3569) if you would like to report a crocodile in the Beaufort, Colleton, and Hampton counties.