A crocodile steps into a Florida fire department.No, this is not the beginning of a joke

Florida firefighters are accustomed to dealing with emergencies, but wrangling a crocodile in their station building is usually not included in the job description.

But Thursday night, a medium-sized crocodile wandered into Fort Myers’ South Trail Fire Station 64, and these first respondents sought help.

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According to the station’s Facebook page, firefighters went out to pick up the American flag at 5 pm and found “Ali” or “Albert” hanging by the front door. ..

The pictures of the post show reptiles in various places at the entrance of the station, and it seemed that they wanted to stay for a while.

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Station 64 spokesman Amy Boren told the Miami Herald that the crocodile was just near the “sitting there” entrance.

She said this was the first crocodile the station had ever found. The building is not near the water, but it is near the elementary school.

“I was very confused because I didn’t know where he came from,” she said.

The station was immediately supported by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

“While waiting for the FWC, three big firefighters were standing on the crocodile, so he couldn’t leave,” Boren said. “He was willing to put himself in the corner and wasn’t aggressive.”

The FB post, updated a few hours later, thanked the agency for safely moving the little guy (or gal) to the “right place”.

“The crocodile mating season usually begins in May, but it is clear that some individuals have started early.”

Some social media users couldn’t resist the urge to downplay potentially dangerous situations in the comments section.

“The crocodile is a’hot water bottle’and I think it needs to cool its tail,” wrote one person.

Another suggested that Ally / Albert could be the new mascot.

That is unlikely.

“We have never seen a crocodile here. I hope we will not see it again soon,” Boren said.

To report annoying crocodiles in your area FWCHotline 866-392-4286.