A customer who refused to wear a mask at Wells Fargo’s bank was waiting in the parking lot to ambush the manager violently at the end of the shift, the report said.

Wells Fargo Bank, Grover Beach, California

Bank managers were reportedly attacked after clients refused to wear masks when entering Wells Fargo in Grover Beach, California. Google map

Bank manager Wells Fargo of California According to him, he was beaten by a client who refused to wear a face mask after his shift was over. San Luis Obispo Tribune.

The tribune “actively responds” after an unnamed man, allegedly bald in his mid-40s, stepped into a bank in Grover Beach on September 3 and was told to wear a mask. I reported that I did.

The bank manager, whom the tribune called “A” to protect his identity, provided him with a mask to wear, but the man reportedly became more hostile and began to slip through the bank’s lobby drawers. ..

When Hispanic A threatened to call police, local media reported that he was called a racist slur by an unmasked man.

“You shouldn’t catch you outside,” the man reportedly told A.

At the end of A’s shift, around 5:30 pm, Tribune reported that a man appeared in the Wells Fargo parking lot, grabbed the bank manager and pushed it against the wall.

“I’m starting to gather myself a bit, and I find myself under attack,” A recalled.

According to local media, the two men began fighting and A said he tried to suffocate an aggressive client.

Meanwhile, a colleague called the police and the man ran away.

According to the tribune, A suffered concussion and lacerations on her head, hands and face. He hasn’t returned to work since the incident.

In a statement to the Tribune, Grover Beach Police Chief John Peters confirmed the reports submitted regarding batteries and hate crimes in Wells Fargo’s parking lot.

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