A dangerous double standard appears to affect Canada’s judicial system


As criminal justice cases related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the public response to them move through Canada’s disastrously slow justice system, a disturbing trend of possible judicial bias appears to emerge. The double standards being applied to prosecutions related to all forms of protest against pandemic restrictions are harsh and unsettling.

In a recent article in western standard, on March 28, 2021, during a protest against the Pandemic Order, reports that royal lawyers will not approve the pursuit of charges against a man who used a bicycle as a weapon and attacked a car and its passengers. By the standards they determined, a conviction would be unlikely in this case.

of video evidence This incident makes the statement of the Public Prosecutor’s Office rather implausible. The man approaches the car multiple times, biking the car and the person in the passenger seat, and is clearly seen until finally the passenger opens the window and breaks the glass. It was a dangerous practice that caused serious damage to the vehicle and could have seriously injured the passengers.

The perpetrator was apparently in custody at the time, and police recommended he be charged with mischief and assault with a weapon. It’s hard to believe that someone might watch the video and feel that they are unlikely to be found guilty. The person has clearly displayed violent tendencies and it should be the duty of the justice system to pursue this, if only to prevent future incidents. , may have mental health issues to deal with, but was never sanctioned. This sends a signal to those with extreme views that they can resort to violence against some protesters as long as they oppose government restrictions. It’s a dangerous precedent to set, though.

In another case, Stephanie Wariner was severely detained by hospital security for refusing to wear her mask correctly. published video It is horrifyingly shown how some guards grab a woman and pull her behind a pillar. Another security guard who was remotely controlling the camera then deflected it. The next part of the video shows a woman being moved without dragging her leg. She never regained her consciousness and she died a few days later.

Two security guards were charged with manslaughter, but they dismissed By Superior Court Judge Sean Dunphy, Nov. 22, 2022. Wariner was a petite woman who had trouble breathing. The guard’s actions certainly warranted a day in court to delve deeper into what happened and why.

On the other side of the coin, Canada is willing to use the law to the fullest against those prosecuted for protesting the government’s pandemic restrictions.

Tamara Rich remains stuck in the legal maze as she awaits trial. Rich was detained for a total of 48 days after being arrested in Ottawa during a Freedom Convoy protest. It took weeks of legal battles for her to get her first bail. And she said that she dared to take a picture with the wrong person, A homicide investigator was assigned He flies across the country to re-arrest Rich and returns to Ottawa to be returned to prison for bail violations.

Rich was eventually released on bail again, but his dedication and dedication to imprisoning a non-violent woman with no criminal record was unprecedented. While Rich awaits her trial, she poses no threat to society.

While it is difficult for peaceful demonstrators to obtain bail, it seems ridiculously easy for known violent offenders, with tragic consequences.

OPP Cost Grzegorz (Greg) Pierzchala was murdered in cold blood on December 27, 2022. The suspect had been released on bail after being charged with multiple violent crimes, including assaulting a police officer.

former CBC journalist Michael Finley Died January 31, 2023, a week after a random attack on the streets of Toronto. A man suspected of the crime and being hunted was recently released on bail after being charged with a violent crime.

Is it really that hard to distinguish between violent and non-violent offenders when making bail decisions?

The judicial system is failing to keep citizens safe, and the politicization of the process seems to be a contributing factor. There is a dangerous double standard at work and it must be set right.

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