A Democratic woman who opposes Matt Gaetz says it means catching up with all his “horrible, weird and creepy” moves.

Rebecca Jones.

Rebecca Jones.Twitter / Rebecca Jones

  • Democratic Parliamentary candidate Rebecca Jones wants to leave Florida’s Congressman Matt Gaetz.

  • The worst part about it? She said it needed to catch up with Gates.

  • Insiders spoke with Jones prior to Gates’ press conference with Georgia’s Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

For Democratic Parliamentary candidate Rebecca Jones, a campaign against Florida Republican Matt Gaetz must follow every move he makes. It includes his federal sex trafficking investigation, the MAGA press conference, and “all the horrifying, weird and creepy things he does.”

“The main drawback is that fighting Matt Gaetz means catching up with Matt Gaetz,” Jones said.

Insiders spoke with Jones before a press conference held by Georgia’s Gates and Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene, claiming “Republican response on January 6th Protest Anniversary.” Jones said she checked, and the press conference was not facilitated by the Republicans.

Former Florida State Data Scientist, who said he was fired in 2020 for refusing to manipulate COVID-19 data, has gained national attention as a whistleblower before Gates in one of Florida’s most Republican districts. I want to leave my seat.

Video: Riot in Capitol-Where are they now?

Her home was attacked in December 2020 and subsequently charged with using an official message system instructing other state health officials to speak. She refused to send the message, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ office rejected her claim.

Gates appearing on Thursday In the podcast of Steve Bannon, Trump’s ally, He is “proud” of the Republican Party’s work on January 6, 2021, the day of the deadly US Capitol rebellion, “to have a legitimate debate about election integrity.” Said.

He and Green said at a press conference What they wanted Former President Donald Trump Canceled a press conference scheduled to commemorate the first anniversary of the riot.

Jones posted her response to the press conference On Instagram, Parliamentary police, elected representative, and former Vice President Mike Pence say he was the “real hero” of the day.

“They interfered with the collapse of our democracy,” she said. “They deserve a voice today. They are the only voices I want to hear.”

Congressman Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene will speak outside the US Capitol on January 6, 2022.

Congressman Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene will speak outside the US Capitol on January 6, 2022.Associated Press Photo / Carolyn Kaster

Jones, who launched a campaign in June to get out of Gates, told insiders that he rode her radar as “sad” when he was “jumping around Congress.” Wear a gas mask as a stunt at the beginning of the pandemic, “Mocking the dead in his district.”

“He was pushing the wrong information while I was away from the kids for days to fight the very wrong information he was spreading,” she said. I did.

She quoted his vote not to recognize the 2020 presidential election as another issue, but said Trump was interesting. I couldn’t remember his name at a rally in Florida in 2020..

She said Gates was “not worth any position” now that she is under federal investigation on suspicion of child trafficking. He denied cheating.

“Sex trafficking?” She said. “Anyone who hurt a child deserves to be put in jail, not in parliament.”

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