A doctor angry at the insulting Covid’s remarks by a yoga guru


On April 5, 2013, during an event in Kolkata, Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdef greets supporters.

Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdef runs a vast business empire

Indian doctors opposed yoga guru Baba Ramdef over his controversial statement about modern medicine.

He recently said that tens of thousands died of Covid after taking modern medicine for trying to get an oxygen cylinder and ridiculing the patient.

The guru withdrew his statement after the Minister of Health criticized him.

But he swiped modern medicine again on Monday because there was no cure for some illness.

Modern medicine, also known as allopathy, is the backbone of the Indian medical system, but alternative therapies such as Ayurveda and homeopathy are also very popular. Many gurus like Ramdev have set up successful businesses with the background of selling herbal medicines and products.

India also has Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathic, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (Ayush) provinces to promote the traditional system.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA), the leading organization of Indian allopathic doctors, criticized the Guru for his “insensitive” remarks in the midst of a pandemic.

Doctors spoke to the BBC said such statements from a guru with millions of followers were “irresponsible and depressed.”

What is the dispute?

A video of Baba Ramdef mocking a patient trying to find oxygen was spread by word of mouth earlier this month.

It’s not clear when he made the statement, but I’ve heard he mentions oxygen deficiencies in some cities in April and May.

“God gave us free oxygen, why don’t we breathe it? Why is there a shortage when God fills the atmosphere with oxygen? Fools look for oxygen cylinders Just breathe free oxygen. Why are you complaining about the shortage? Oxygen and beds and burial grounds? “He said.

The statement drew sharp criticism from doctors and family members of Covid patients who demanded an apology.

Two weeks later, another video appears, criticizing doctors and accusing Covid of his death.

Many doctors used Twitter to express their anger. Some even demanded his arrest.

As pressure increased, Indian health minister Harsh Vardhan, who is also a doctor, issued a statement calling on his gurus to withdraw his remarks.

“Allopathy and its associated doctors have given millions of new lives. It’s a shame to say that people died from consuming allopathic drugs.

“It must be remembered that this battle can only be won by united efforts. In this war, doctors, nurses and other health care workers are endangering their lives to save their lives. Their dedication to serving mankind in this crisis is an unparalleled example. “”

On Sunday, Baba Ramdef withdrew his controversial statement in a tweet. But the next day, he wrote to IMA asking why modern medicine has no cure for 25 illnesses, including diabetes and high blood pressure.

This again infuriated the doctor. Dr. A Fatahudeen, a prominent pulmonologist who has treated thousands of Covid patients, told the BBC that such statements would cause permanent damage.

“For over a year, healthcare workers like me have been in a war-like situation. We have saved tens of thousands of lives. Reading such a statement is truly unfortunate and insulting. It’s targeted and hurt, “he said.

Dr. Fathahudeen added that modern medicine has evolved over the years through constant research and research. “We follow evidence-based practices. Thousands of researchers are working to come up with treatments at any given time. Look at the advances we have made in cancer treatment. We are constantly evolving. And you need to learn. Drugs that provide an absolute cure for all illnesses. “

He added that such statements cast doubt on people’s minds when they need to rely on medicines and vaccines in the midst of a raging pandemic.

Who is Baba Ram Dave?

He gained fame in a yoga class that aired on television. Millions of people followed him and he was praised around the world for promoting yoga and a healthy life.

In 2006, he helped launch Patanjali Ayurveda to sell herbal medicines, and a few years later, The business has expanded to sell almost everything, from flour, jeans, soap, oil, biscuits and even cow urine. Even from the stores in the farthest corner of the country. He succeeded in transforming his popularity into building a business empire.

Coronil tablets and swathari tablets

Herb pills are advertised on the website and in-store to support Covid-19

His business expansion took place around the same time that Hindu nationalist BJP came to power in 2014.

Baba Ramdev openly supported both BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and even campaigned for the party.

False Covid treatment claims

Patanjali Ayurveda launched Coronil, a combination of herbs used in traditional Indian medicine, in June last year, claiming that it could cure Covid.

However, it had to stop selling the product as a Covid drug after stating that there was no data showing that the government functioned as a therapeutic drug. But it did not ban Coronil, and said it could be sold as an “immune booster.”

Then in February, Patanjali supporters claimed that Coronil had been approved by WHO and urged it to issue a denial.

Dr. Barudan was criticized for attending an event with Baba Ramdev in February. There, the claim about Coronil as a cure for Covid was repeated.

Coronil was also found to be sold in several stores in the UK That led to drug regulators there saying that such drugs were not licensed..

In 2018, Baba Ramdev released a messaging app called “WhatsApp’s Homemade Rivals”. However, in the turmoil over security flaws, it was quickly removed from the app store.