A dog named Peyton Manning survives a bear attack — and a quarterback calls for check-in

At the 2007 Super Bowl XLI, Indianapolis Colts survived the first half of the attack from the Chicago Bears before Peyton Manning boosted the comeback victory.

This week another Peyton Manning survived his own bear attack. The quarterback was helped in 2007 by his credible running back, while the other Peyton Mannings were saved by his owner.

This Peyton Manning is a dog whose owner saved him from the jaws of a bear cub on Monday. According to a Facebook post, Tim Straddling said the dog had to amputate one leg after the attack.

The bear attack took place on Monday night when Straddling took the dog out before going to bed. Within seconds, he heard a little Peyton barking.

“Getting out of the door, seeing something running to the right, on the left he screams hanging from the bear’s mouth.” Stradling said On Facebook. “I started screaming, and it began to run away with him in his mouth. I charged it and got as close as I thought.

Straddling, a pastor of the Armblast Wessian Church in the Pittsburgh area, said he rushed to the bear’s cry and began to drop Peyton. Straddling kept yelling at the bear and used his car for protection before rushing into the woods.

According to him, he described his actions as “all instinctive and stupid courage.” KDKA..

Peyton was taken to a local veterinary clinic and veterinarians found puncture wounds on the sides of his back and neck that “injured his broken left front leg,” Straddling said. Due to nerve damage to his toes, Peyton’s leg had to be amputated.

“The bear seems to have been bitten and fixed his leg around his neck.” Stradling wrote.. “I believe this saved him from an entire neck bite that could puncture an artery or break his neck. It’s a small, broken, bloody miracle, but it’s still a miracle.”

Straddling attended the University of Indiana Wesrian University and was a former Indiana minister, so he was very familiar with the voice of the man who called him on Thursday.

It was Peyton Manning-quarterback.

Straddling said he had 10 minutes conversation Former Colts and Denver Broncos quarterbacks asked the minister about his dog and his way of doing things.

“He said,’This is Peyton Manning.’ And I said,’Yes, your voice is very recognizable,'” Straddling wrote on Facebook.

When the call ended, Straddling said he loved him for a future Hall of Fame quarterback. As most Colts fans do.

Peyton Manning is known as a dog lover. In 2018, he hired an abused two-pound puppy. Mississippi Animal Rescue Fund..

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