A dog sledding player said that emptying a gun and charging elk had no effect, followed by trampling on several dogs.


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  • A large elk attacked a dog sledding team training in Alaska.

  • The dog owner said the elk wasn’t upset because he emptied his gun.

  • The elk trampled the dog for nearly an hour, and several were seriously injured.

A large elk attacked the Alaskan dog sledding team, trampling the dog and seriously injuring several.

Brigitte Watkins of Fairbanks shared the story in a Facebook post, stating that she was “the most horrifying thing in my life in the last 24 hours.”

Watkins said she and her dog were attacked by an angry moose while training them on a 52-mile run on February 3.

She trained sled dogs to run in the Idita Rod Trail Sled Dog Race, an annual long-distance sled dog race from Ancollage to Nome in early March.

When the elk attacked, Watkins said she emptied her gun into an animal, but it couldn’t be stopped.

“I ran hard and prayed fast enough not to be killed at that moment,” she said.

Watkins said he was free to cut six dogs, evacuated behind the snow machine and watched the attacks on other dogs continue.

She said Moose kept trampling the dog repeatedly for nearly an hour.

“I’ve never felt so helpless in my life,” Watkins wrote on Facebook.

Eventually, a friend arrived and killed the moose, at which point they were treated with a dog by a veterinary trauma team in North Pole Betta.

She said several dogs were seriously injured in the attack and recovered from major injuries such as internal organ damage and broken limbs.

One of the dogs was trampled on his head and suffered a severe head injury. At least two of the other dogs had surgery and the other was “stapled” by a veterinarian, Watkins said.

A few days later, Watkins, a part-time emergency room nurse, posted an update saying that dogs are well healed.

“With the best veterinary team, spend hours sleepless nights, massage, scrape off all those pains and give human patients with ER more medicine than I do-us. Is getting stronger, “she said.

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