A driver allegedly collided with a Boise police car shot by a police officer. 3rd time in 3 weeks

for Second time In three weeks, at least one Boise police officer shot a person. It is said that the moving van collided with the police car many times this time.

Around 7 pm on Sunday, police officers were called to 7,000 blocks on Overland Road after hearing reports of possible reckless drivers and drunk driving. According to the news release From the Boise Police Department. The caller reported that the van was damaged and was probably in a collision.

Police learned that the van had been reported stolen and police attempted to pull the vehicle. The driver is said to have turned towards a police car while trying to get rid of him. Officers began tracking, but ended due to “high speed, reckless driving behavior, and potential danger to surrounding vehicles.” The van was later seen driving at 10000 on Riley Court, a residential area in West Boise.

When police tried to stop the driver, police reported on the radio that the van had hit the police car many times.

The exact details of what the police fired are not generally known. The agency said in a news release: “When a police officer tried to detain the suspect, a shooting involving the police officer occurred.”

The news release does not say how many police officers fired guns or what could have killed them. The extent of the driver’s injury is also unknown.

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Police say drivers are likely to be charged with multiple felony charges.

During the incident, at least one police officer wore a body camera to record. According to BPD, the body camera video will be reviewed during the investigation of the Ada County Serious Incident Task Force. The Meridian Police Station will lead the investigation.

This is the third shot in Treasure Valley in just over three weeks and the second for Boise police in that time frame.

June 27, Boise police officer shot Mohammad Hassan Mucoma, Black african.The details of the shooting are rarely disclosed, but the published details are Mkoma’s family told politicians..

last week, Nampa police shot a man in his house After he was alleged to point his gun at the policeman. Several police officers shot a gun at Richard Bigb Garcia. Richard Bigb Garcia was taken to a nearby hospital before being released and booked in Canyon County Prison.

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