A driver imprisoned for 22 years for killing four Australian police

Melbourne, Australia (AP) — A truck driver was sentenced to 22 years in prison on Wednesday for beating and killing four police officers on an Australian highway.

Mohinder Singh said that after stopping a sleep-deprived car on April 22, last year, when a truck headed for an emergency stop lane on Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway, where three police officers and one police officer stood, the drug I was affected and became sleep deprived.

Four died on the scene.

Shin, 48, pleaded guilty to the Supreme Court of Victoria last year for four convictions that caused death, three drug trafficking, and one illegal drug possession.

Judge Paul Koran sentenced Shin to 22 years in prison, dating back to the day of the accident in which he was detained. He must work for at least 18 and a half years before applying for parole.

Mr Coghlan said the crash “shocked the conscience of the people.” The judge described the footage of the crash site as “chilling.”

“The grief of those near the victims is serious and life-changing,” Coghlan told the court. “Such sadness is exacerbated by the nature of sudden and unnecessary death.”

This was the biggest police life loss in a single incident in Victoria. Shin was taking methamphetamine and other medications before the crash, and witnesses said he hadn’t slept for a few days.

“Even if justice is provided in connection with the actual clash, replacing the loss of our loved ones and the missing place of the table we will feel in the rest of our lives There is no punishment that can be done, “said Andrew. Prestony, the father of Joshua Prestony, one of the four officers.

“We keep them in our hearts and are comforted by the fact that they are unforgettable,” he told reporters.

Richard Pusee, a speed-violating Porsche driver stopped by a police officer, will be sentenced to Victoria County Court on April 28 after pleading guilty on several charges.

Puzy used his phone to shoot a video of the death of a police officer, who was described last month by Judge Trevor Late as “probably Australia’s most hated man.”

The truck couldn’t hit the psy because he was urinating by the side of the road. But the truck destroyed his car and police car.

Witnesses on the scene turned to Psy for help, but he shrugged, saying, “They are dead.”

He resented public dignity, speeded up, and pleaded guilty to his reckless actions. He also admitted to owning ecstasy after returning a positive test for both ecstasy and marijuana when he was pulled. He faces a potential maximum sentence of five years in prison.