A drunk driving lawsuit against the wife of a California cheese mogul is underway.This is the latest

Lori Rossi Garo returned to court on Thursday in a drunk driving lawsuit. She was charged with causing an accident that injured three people in Merced earlier this year.

Gallo, married to Michael Gallo, CEO of Joseph Gallo Farms, attended a preliminary hearing with lawyer Peter Jones.

In a brief hearing, Jones told Judge Carol Ash that his client was “faithfully” in court order three times a week from late January, beyond the court-ordered weekly class obligations. He said he was attending a drinking class.

Jones also said Garo was enrolled in a drunk driving program. Garo and her lawyer declined her comment after the hearing on Thursday.

Garo Acquitted During her arrangements last month, both ferronies were injured on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages causing injuries and driving with a blood alcohol content of .08%.

She was arrested by Merced police on suspicion of driving. Maserati Down G Street At 125 mph on the evening of January 22nd.

Gallo is said to have sideswipe the Lexus, which was moving south when approaching the Caldera Road.

Police say her Maserati hit a Honda that stopped at an intersection. According to police, another vehicle was damaged after both Maserati and Lexus entered a ditch hundreds of feet away and hit wheels and tires torn from the defendant’s vehicle.

On the night of the crash, she was imprisoned in Merced County Jail and shortly thereafter imprisoned for public debt.

Garo’s next appearance is scheduled for June 23, 8:30 am