A Dundalk man accused of knocking out a 75-year-old man who waved to a baby on suspicion of attempted murder

August 23-According to a document filed in the Harford County District Court, a Baltimore County man accused a 75-year-old man of waving his baby and then beating the 75-year-old man and unknowingly knocking him. It has been.

Dundalk’s 33-year-old Jackie Jamal Benjamin has been charged with one charge each of attempted murder, manslaughter, one assault, two assaults, and reckless danger. According to electronic court records, he remains undetained at the Harford County Detention Center after his arrest on August 18 and a bail review hearing the following day.

According to the indictment filed in the district court, Sheriff Harford’s agent responded to a report of assault between customers in a cantonal car wash at 3300 blocks on Emmorton Road in Avindon on August 14. .. When they arrived, they found Harry Craig Enlow, 75, lying in a blood pool near the back of the building.

Enlow was taken to Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital and was diagnosed with two internal cerebral hemorrhage, two fractured jaws and three rib fractures, the document said. The injury he suffered on his jaw required surgery.

According to the document, the incident was captured in a video showing Enro standing next to a woman and baby outside the building. Enro bends down and “looks like he’s waving and talking to the baby,” approaches a man later called Benjamin. According to the document, after the two talk for a while, Benjamin puts the bookbag down and exchanges a few more words before attacking Enro.

“Mr. Enro was soon unconscious and was observed to fall to the ground and hit his head against concrete,” the document said.

Benjamin then left the scene with the red Toyota Corolla, the document said. Sheriff’s office spokesman Kyle Andersen said the agent was able to link Benjamin to the car and track him.

Andersen said the reason Benjamin allegedly attacked Enro was “part of an ongoing investigation.”

After people posted a positive message to Enro, a Facebook group was born and encouraged him to get better soon. Dozens of people posted on it — some from outside Maryland — and Enlow’s family thanked them for their positive attitude and posted the latest information on Enlow’s practices.

According to his family’s post on this page, Enro is expected to fully recover in about six weeks. Attempts to contact the family for comment failed.

Benjamin’s leading public lawyer, John Janowich, declined to comment on the case. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 16th.

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