A & E removed “adults hiring adults” from the broadcast after concerns were expressed about the eerie behavior of star Danny Huff.

A & E

A & E

A & E has pulled a controversial new show Adults who hire adults Not broadcast this weekThe Daily Beast confirmed, after fans expressed concern about one of the show’s stars, Danny Huff, as well as removing all online episodes.

The documentary, which premiered in January, was scheduled to release episode 4 on Monday night, but wasn’t aired. By Tuesday morning, the show had been removed from A & E’s official website, and previous episodes could no longer be purchased on Apple TV or played on YouTube.

The show follows a few couples trying to adopt other adults by Ohio-based Huff and his wife Christie becoming breakout stars in the series, but not the way they wanted. ..

“Adult Adoption” is a bonker and eerie reality show about adult adoption.

The couple plans to adopt Austria’s pregnant 20-year-old Iliana, whom Huff met online in a social media group for those interested in adult adoption. Fans quickly accused Huff of having an unfavorable motivation to adopt Iliana, noting that he himself admitted that he had previously tried to adopt an 18-year-old girl. But things didn’t go well as Huff developed his teenage emotions.

It seems to be written on the wall of a family of three, My colleague Nick Shagger nailed the emotions of concern in last month’s review of the series...

“Danny’s nasty motive to take Iliana home is clear, but he still smiles loudly, professing the excitement of being a father on a daily basis, while Christie stares at the terrible misery. , Actingly call Iliana a daughter … he places Iliana on a trailer Just outside his front door, buy her a lot of baby clothes and pay for her medical promise , “At the end of the day, Iliana, I want you to be here.” You are terribly sweet. “

A & E did not respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment on why the show was canceled, but Huff confirmed to the Daily Beast that he knew that the show was canceled and no longer aired. ..

But he argued that the accusations of his actions were not the reason why the show seemed to be canned indefinitely. He also denied improper behavior against Iliana and stated that the allegations of illegal activity were “absolutely wrong.”

“I never did anything wrong with her, words, comments, or anything,” he said.

However, in a follow-up request, Huff did not respond to a request for comment on the deleted TikTok video that began to circulate last week...

“Racism is alive and well in this country,” he said in a video posted to his official TikTok account last February.

“Unfortunately it comes from blacks. Whites aren’t racists most of the time, we don’t care. Black History Month, BET, All Black College, Black Lives Matter, these are It’s just an example of how racism lives in this country. “

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