A failed hotel quarantine provider prepares a second claim for payment from the Australian state government

The company that provided security guards to the hotel’s quarantine during Melbourne’s infamous second wave is preparing to resubmit a $ 10.7 million bill to the Victorian government.

The Unified Security Group, the prime contractor for both Victoria and New South Wales hotel quarantine programs, claimed that the Victoria State Government had never invoiced for services provided. Australian person..

This amount constitutes part of the $ 41.7 million that Unified charged the state to provide security guards to 13 quarantine hotels.

However, after the security company was liquidated in May, the unified claim to the state expired. In addition, the Victoria State Government did not file a defense in the Supreme Court proceedings.

Trent McMillen, a bankruptcy liquidator at the time, said he was in talks with the proceedings funder of the proceedings.

McMillen told Australians that the proceedings are underway without a proceeding funder after the company prepares to file a proceeding against the state for unpaid payments.

In the first lawsuit filed against the Victoria State Government last year, Unified alleged that the guards who delivered Easter eggs and Mother’s Day gifts to hotel quarantine guests did not pay the state.

Unified also claimed to have a debt of $ 218,730 for meals, excluding GST.

However, the Victoria State Government blocked payments to Unified after it was discovered that the company was using subcontractors to protect the hotel without state approval.

This follows a study by Fair Work Ombudsman, who discovered that security guards quarantining hotels in Melbourne and Sydney had over $ 1 million in unpaid wages. Unified Security has acknowledged that Sydney staff are eligible for approximately $ 900,000 in outstanding payments and has reported that it has issued a compliance notice to its employees. News Corp..

Unified also charged more than $ 7 million for jobkeepers and received about $ 200,000 for another contractor for Victorian business, despite receiving more than $ 90 million in jobs in New South Wales. Allegedly rented, the Victorian Hotel Mascot Program reported Australians.

In addition, when Unified collapsed in May, a holding company managed by David Millward and Luigi Trunzo was paid a loan and dividend of approximately $ 20 million. Millward and Trunzo have been identified as potential shadow directors, Australians reported.

October 2020, class action (pdf) The security company “caused at least 99.8% of COVID-19 cases” to defendant Unified Security Group and MSS Security (two companies that have signed a contract to provide hotel security to hotels in Rydges and Staford Plaza). He was sued by the Victorian Supreme Court for alleged damages. In Victoria from May 2020. “

In September 2021, WorkSafe Victoria was charged with 58 violations of the Industrial Safety and Health Act (formerly the Department of Health and Social Welfare) over the leakage of the CCP virus from hotel quarantine, which caused the state’s deadly second wave. ) Was indicted.

but, Self-employed australiaIs an organization that represents business owners and has filed legal prosecutions against Worksafe Victoria, including Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, Supreme Health Officer Brett Sutton, former Minister of Health Jenny Mikakos, and other senior bureaucrats. Will be prosecuted in the quarantine program.

Henry Jom


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