A family of Indiana Mall shooters shocked by his actions

Greenwood, Indiana (AP) — Male Family Deadly shot three people at a shopping mall on the outskirts of Indianapolis On Friday, they said he didn’t think he could be violent.

In a statement released through a lawyer, gunman Jonathan Sapirman’s father and brother Jeffrey and Justin Sapirman said, “Deep condolences suffered as a result of the tragedy at Greenwood Park Mall on Sunday.” rice field.

“There was no reason to believe that Jonathan would be involved in these extreme actions. I can’t explain his decision and I’m as shocked as everyone else in the community.

They said the last communication with Jonathan in the days before the attack was “cheerful” and he was looking forward to future plans.

“We are working fully with law enforcement agencies to provide insights into Jonathan’s actions, as well as what we may add may help prevent similar events. “They said.

Sapirman also said he was “not hostile” to Elisha Dicken, a 22-year-old man from Solmare who was shopping at the mall that night and killed Jonathan Sapirman to end the attack. Stated.

“We chose to remember Jonathan as a thoughtful and intelligent young man we knew and loved. We too saddened that our privacy was respected during this difficult time. Kindly request, “concludes the statement.

Jonathan Sapirman shot dead a couple in Indianapolis (Pedro Pineda (56), Rosa Milian Rivera de Pineda (37)) and Victor Gomes (30) in Indianapolis as well.

Two people were injured in this attack. A woman whose leg was shot and a 12-year-old girl whose back was hit by a shrapnel.