A family of three and their dog were found dead on a hike, authorities do not know why

A couple, their little daughter, and their dog, who were reported missing after going on a hike, were found dead in the mountains of central California, far away, but authorities said they were He says he doesn’t know the cause of his death yet.

On Tuesday, the bodies of John Gerish, Ellen Chung, one-year-old daughter Miju, and her dog were found in an area called Devil’s Gulch. The search team also placed a car near the gate to the Sierra National Forest.

“This is by no means the result we want or the news we want to convey. My heart will hurt their families,” Sheriff Jeremy Breeze of Mariposa County said in a statement. “Our sheriff ministers and staff work with their families and continue to support them during this tragic time.”

Sheriffs said authorities were treating the scene as a dangerous goods and coroner investigation because the cause of the family’s death was unknown.

“It could be a carbon monoxide situation, which is one of the reasons we treat it as a dangerous goods situation,” said Sheriff’s office spokesman Christie Mitchell. I did. Told the Los Angeles Times..

Mitchell too Told USA Today There were no signs of trauma or scarring on the body.

“We haven’t excluded anything at this time,” she said.

The sheriff’s office did not immediately respond to phone calls or emails.

The family, who said Breeze moved to central California during last year’s pandemic, went hiking on Sunday.

By Monday, the missing person’s report had been submitted. Software engineer Gerish didn’t go to work that day, and the nanny, who was supposed to take care of Miju, said no one came to the door when he rang the bell. Fresnoby reported..

“I had to think it wasn’t an overnight hike because it was hot and I had a baby,” Steve Jeff, a family friend, told The Fresno Bee.

Gerrish was from England and Chung was from Southern California. According to Jeff, the couple wanted to move from San Francisco near the mountains and raise their daughter in a calmer environment.

The Sheriff’s Office and the California Department of Justice are investigating.