A family of Vancouver police officers committing suicide on suspicion of blackmail by their boss sues the city


The family of former Vancouver police officer Nicole Chan, who committed suicide after being blackmailed to an improperly intimate relationship with his boss, filed a proceeding against the city and its police station.

The proceedings filed by Chan’s sister Jennifer Chan and her mother Lai Chinho in January came to light only recently, but Chan was forced to do so. Intimate relationship Her boss, Sgt. David Van Patten.

Van Patten reportedly contacted Chan, who reportedly Vancouver Police Station Police reportedly began flirting with Chan via text message after rejecting her application. He allegedly pressured a female officer on her business trip to establish an intimate relationship with him and urged her to keep it secret.

Van Patten was also accused of threatening Chan with evidence of her previous relationship with another officer nominated in the proceedings, Sgt. Greg McCullough.

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McCullough started a relationship with Chan in 2015, even though he knew they were already married. According to the proceedings, McCullough did not disclose her relationship with Chan to her boss, as did what happened at Van Patten, and urged her female officers to do the same.

Vancouver Police Station policy to its officers Disclose intimate relationships To my boss with a colleague. The proceedings said policies were inadequate to protect “vulnerable employees like Nicole” and “we could not guarantee that the relationship would not abuse the power relationships inherent in such an environment.” ..

Van Patten allegedly threatened to expose Chan and McCullough’s relationship to her husband and McCullough’s wife, and to continue the relationship with the evidence.

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“”Sgt. Van Patten achieved Sgt. He scrolled through McCullough’s cell phone and media to find evidence of an intimate relationship between Nicole and the sergeant. McCullough “ Proceedings allegations“I took a video of myself scrolling the phone to threaten to reveal the incident,” the police officer added.

As the person responsible for Chang’s employee files, Van Patten “should have known” about the fight against the mental health of female executives.

“”Van Patten knew or should have known that Nicole was (a) a vulnerable person with a recent history of mental distress associated with intimate relationships with other triggers. ” Said.

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Police said she became aware of Chang’s mental health problems in 2012 after being involved in a car accident that her employer interpreted as “suicide attempt” years before her relationship with Van Patten and McCullough. It has been reported.

The proceedings allege that the 2012 case was followed by three more “mental health episodes” that culminated in 2017 when Chan took paid leave. She was diagnosed with “unspecified trauma and stressor-related disorders” and “major depressive disorder” in 2018.

While suffering from a mental health episode, Van Patten reportedly told Chan not to consult a police psychologist. By doing so, their relationship becomes clear.

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“”Van Patten was able to deliberately inflict psychological distress on Nicole and manipulate her into an intimate relationship of disproportionate secrets of sexual activity and power to benefit him. “

Chan came out before File a complaint In 2017 the Vancouver Police Commission filed another complaint against Van Patten and McCullough, and in 2018 WorkSafe BC filed another complaint against the employer.

Chan’s complaint against the Vancouver Police Commission Leading to the investigation Against Van Patten. The Secretariat of the Police Complaints Committee has proposed four counts of disgraceful misconduct against police officers.

On January 27, 2019, three weeks after providing the impact statement as part of the investigation, Chan was found dead.

The two police officers involved in the proceedings then left the police station. Van Patten was reportedly suspended before being fired, and McCullough was reportedly suspended twice before resigning.

Other defendants nominated in the lawsuit include Vancouver City, Vancouver Police Commission, Vancouver Police Station, Police Chief, two unnamed police officers, Vancouver Police Union, BC Attorney General David Eby, and BC Solicitor General Mike Farnworth. It is included. ..

Chan’s family is seeking general and worsening punitive damages. They are also seeking special damages and damages to remedy the infringement of Chan’s rights under the Charter.

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