A father confronting a deadly shooting daughter suspect in a movie theater was detained: “Look at me!”


Father of an 18-year-old woman killed in a movie theater shooting California Confronted the accused shooter In court.

“Look at me. Look at me!” Dave Goodrich shouted at 20-year-old Joseph Jimenez in the Riverside Justice Hall of Fame On Friday.

“It was my daughter,” he continued as he began to tear. Fox 11 reported that at some point during the conflict, some people had to hold back their sad father.

Kalifornia cinema shooting during “Forever Purge” killed one, injured, police said

Jimenez was arrested at Attempted murder, attempted murder, suspected robbery on Tuesday After a deadly shooting during the screening of “The Forever Purge” at Crossing Small in Corona on Monday night.

Rylee Goodrich was in theaters on her first date with 19-year-old Anthony Barajas, a social media influencer. She died on the scene while Barajas was taken to the hospital and engaged in life support.

The couple was found cleaning up by theater workers after the horror movie was shown at 9:35 pm.

“She is my baby, my first birth” Riley Goodrich’s mother, Daniel Goodrich, said.. “And she was torn apart doing something very innocent, and it breaks my heart.

“Poor Anthony. They were just starting their relationship. He’s a beautiful boy and my heart is on his family,” she added.

Jimenez will be charged with murder and attempted murder on Friday and will be sentenced to death if convicted. His placement was postponed until August 5.

police He said there was a robbery during the shooting, but added that he didn’t think it was the motive for the attack.