A federal judge asks prosecutors why U.S. taxpayers are paying more than $ 500 million for riot-related costs, while the Justice Department is asking prosecutors for just $ 2,000 from suspected riots in the Houses of Parliament. I did.

Broken window in the US Capitol.

A window in the US Capitol that was broken by supporters of US President Donald Trump during the siege on January 6, 2021. Photo by Dmitry Kirsanov TASS via Getty Images

  • The judge questioned why the Capitol riot defendants paid less damages than US taxpayers.

  • On Monday, Chief District Judge Beryl A. Howell called DOJ’s repayment proposal “a little surprising.”

  • Howell has previously expressed concern that a generous deal with the defendant could encourage repeat offenders.

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A federal judge asked prosecutors at a hearing on Monday to answer the low compensation required for parliamentary rioters.

US District Court Secretary Beryl A. Howell of Washington, DC attacks Protrump on January 6 after US taxpayers file invoices of more than $ 500 million.

U.S. law firm Seeking $ 2,000 in all felony cases $ 500 per misdemeanor case due to riots. That’s less than $ 1.5 million, even if all current defendants plead guilty and pay. The Washington Post.

“We are accustomed to the government becoming quite aggressive in fraud in the event of damages resulting from criminal proceedings against the amount of compensation,” Howell said in court Monday, according to the outlet.

“While Congress was acting with all this money directly from the January 6th incident, I found a loss of less than $ 1.5 million-all of us American taxpayers The dollar-a little surprising when trying to submit nearly 500 million bills. “

In June, prosecutors estimated the total damage done to the Capitol grounds during the riots at $ 1,495,326.55, but provided little additional details. US Federal Attorney General Clayton Henry O’Connor told Howell on Monday that the government would explain how the government had decided on the cost of the damage by October. post report.

However, parliamentarians have already allocated millions of dollars more than the estimated $ 1.5 million to cover the costs of riot damages. July 29, Congress $ 2.1 Billion Security Bill Passed This included refunds for National Guard, Parliamentary Police, and Parliamentary security improvements, for a total of $ 521 million, $ 70 million, and $ 300 million, respectively.

The meeting on Monday was for Glen Wes Lee Croy, a 46-year-old Colorado man who admitted to entering the Capitol building on January 6. According to HuffPost reporter Ryan J. Reilly.

The judge ordered the US Prosecutor’s Office to include an explanation in the following judgment memo as to why the costs of covering the National Guard’s repayment are not included in Croy’s refund fee.

Monday was not the first time Howell had expressed concern that the Capitol riot defendants could be subject to minor punishment. At a hearing in July, Howell again put pressure on the Justice Department and questioned the Justice Department’s decision to offer a plea for misdemeanor to non-violent parliamentary rioters.

Howell told the prosecutor, “Is the government concerned about the defendants joining the mob and invading the Capitol building in the future?” It didn’t happen. ” CNN..

“This can happen every four years,” she said.

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