A federal judge keeps Biden’s new eviction moratorium alive, but signals it to be illegal


A federal judge denied the landowner’s request to suspend the Biden administration’s new moratorium on federal expulsion, saying she was not authorized to do so, despite her belief that the policy was illegal. Court documents Submitted on Friday.

News promotion: Judge Doveney Friedrich of the U.S. District Court has determined that the new moratorium is “substantially identical” to the previous ban she considered illegal in May and should therefore be considered an “extension.” Did.

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  • However, Friedrich said her “hands were tied” because the moratorium was subject to a previous Court of Appeals ruling that allowed it to remain.

  • Alabama’s landlord, who disagrees with the ban on expulsion, AP..

  • If the Court of Appeals’ decision fails, they file a proceeding with the Supreme Court. Judge Brett Kavanaugh has already shown that he believes the moratorium is illegal without parliamentary approval, upsetting the court’s favor in favor of the landowner.

  • “We are pleased that the district court has left the moratorium intact, but we are aware that further proceedings may take place in this case,” White House spokesman Jen Psaki said in a statement on Friday. Stated.

Important reason: Biden himself admitted that the new moratorium was “less likely to pass a constitutional convocation,” but suggested that legal proceedings would give governments and state governments time to distribute rent relief. .. NS New arrival The 60-day moratorium imposed by the CDC will expire on October 3.

Big picture: Earlier this month, the CDC issued an order banning the eviction of peasants in most of the country. protest From Congressman Cori Bush (Democratic Party) and other progressives on the steps of the US Capitol.

  • The Biden administration, which initially stated that it had no legal authority to extend the eviction of peasants, changed course under pressure from Bush and other progressive Democrats.

  • The emergency situation of the National Association of Realtors Members of Alabama and Georgia claims that the new order is beyond the authority of the CDC.

  • “The president continues to call on elected state and local officials and judges to issue a local peasant eviction moratorium … and the president asks the landlord for rental assistance and keeps tenants out of their homes. “I’m calling to you,” said Pusaki.

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