A federal prosecutor said in a deleted filing that a man accused of attacking the Capitol with an Orskipers hat is negotiating a judicial deal.

John Schaffer
  • On Monday, prosecutors said they were in the middle of negotiations for a judicial deal with John Schaffer.

  • Schaffer has been accused of using a bear spray to push past officers guarding the Capitol.

  • The document describing the transaction was deleted shortly after publication.

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Heavy metal guitarist arrested in connection with Parliament riots In cooperation with the prosecutor Judicial transaction, According to a court submission on Monday.

The filing appeared to have been mistakenly posted publicly and was immediately withdrawn. But it used to be BuzzFeed News And Politico I was able to read it.

The Federal Attorney’s Office in Washington, DC was unable to comment on Tuesday morning why the filing was removed after it was published.

The filing involves Jon Schaffer, the founder of the heavy metal band Iced Earth, who was accused of using bear spray by police officers in the Capitol during the January 6 riots. The image of the day shows that he is wearing the vow keeper’s hat.

John Schaffer Capitol Riot Bear Spray

Prosecutors say Schaffer was carrying a bear spray and clear sunglasses in the photo above from the riot. Legal department

TheĀ· Oath keeper A far-right militia group, Several members Indicted by the Ministry of Justice (excluding Schaffer) Adjustment January 6 riots using military tactics.

It’s unclear if Schaffer from Indiana actually has anything to do with the group.so statement It doesn’t nominate Shafer directly, but it looks like it’s pointing to him, the keeper of the Indiana Oath said he was “not a member” of their chapter.

In another, yet-publicized criminal accusation seen by insiders, Schaffer has been charged with six charges related to riots.

In the deleted filing, US Federal Attorney Ahmed Bassett wrote that Schaffer has been cooperating in a “reporting interview” with prosecutors since early March.

Baset calls the government’s “ongoing judicial deal” with Schaffer More than 300 Capitol Riot Defendants.. “

Mr Bassett said Schaffer could be released on bail while waiting for the trial. Schaffer was arrested on January 17 and ordered to be detained without bail. WUSA-9..

In explaining why filings need to be kept private, Baset explains how disastrous it would be if rumors spread that Schaffer was working with prosecutors.

“If we are warned about this information, the investigators who may be providing the information may change their operational tactics to escape prosecution, destroy or hide criminal evidence, or avoid future detections. You may be immediately urged to affect, affect or threaten potential witnesses, or take steps to undermine the investigation and avoid future prosecutions. ” Stated.

“Therefore, these facts show the extraordinary circumstances and compelling government interests that justify the sealing of this filing document related to this investigation submitted at this time.”

The entire documents to be submitted to the court below Politico:

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