A fifth person died from the Sydney COVID-19 outbreak as New South Wales called on children to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

A woman in southwestern Sydney in her 50s died after being infected with COVID-19, making her the fifth death in New South Wales in the current outbreak.

A woman in the Green Valley was reportedly associated with two movers who traveled to Midwestern New South Wales, including Orange, one of whom was known to be COVID-positive.

Her body was found in her home on Monday morning, and New South Wales police said a report would be prepared for the coroner.

The woman is the 61st death toll on COVID-19 in New South Wales since early 2020. The New South Wales hospital has 82 COVID-19 patients, 24 receiving intensive care and 7 being ventilated.

News of the death of a woman was reported by New South Wales recording 98 new local cases of COVID-19, with 44 cases recorded between 24 hours and 8 pm on Sunday working in the community during infection. This is because a total of 20 cases were recorded. Infection period.

“The closer the number is to zero, the sooner the blockade can be completed,” Gladys Berejikrian said on Monday. However, she warned that the impact of strict new regulations in Greater Sydney, including the closure of the construction sector, would not be reflected in the number of cases for another four to five days.

A total of 1340 people have been officially infected with the virus since the first case of an unvaccinated airport limousine driver was diagnosed on June 16.

The blockade of Greater Sydney is expected to end at midnight on July 30, but the premiere isn’t ready to give a final end date until we look at the data for the next few days.

The state government also warned that children may have to be vaccinated to protect them from the highly contagious delta mutants.

“I’ve never seen young people infected with the virus like they did in the previous Strand,” said Beregikrian.

Chief Health Officer Kelly Chant said the state needs to consider making the vaccine available to children, especially high school students, after the elderly are immunized.

“I think it also plays an important role in immunizing children and deploying booster vaccinations very quickly,” said Dr. Chant.

Admission casts doubt on the state’s goal of jabing 80 percent of the adult population before beginning a conversation about opening.

The prime minister said the community must live with “some restrictions” until vaccination rates reach acceptable levels.

She also doubled the weekend’s decision to close the construction industry, forcing the tragedy across Great Sydney to suspend the tool for two weeks.

Moving from a community of thousands of people and cases concentrated is “too risky,” she said.

The workplace is the second most common site of infection in this outbreak.

At the construction site, we will take additional safe measures for COVID, such as on-site testing, so that work can be resumed immediately. Treasury Secretary Dominique Perotet and key senior civil servants meet daily with the sector.

This is the first time the construction industry has been closed somewhere in Australia since the pandemic began.

Other new restrictions imposed on weekends include non-essential retail store closures and reduced public transport.

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