A fire broke out in a block of apartments and offices in London

A fire broke out in an apartment and office block in eastern London.

The London Fire Brigade said it was called to Whitechapel High Street just before 4 pm.

There are 20 fire trucks and 125 firefighters on site.

A brigade spokesman said: The brigade’s 64m ladder was mobilized in the incident.

“The brigade’s 999 controllers made more than 50 calls on fire.

“The brigade was called at 15.53. Fire brigades from Whitechapel, Shoreditch, Dowgate, Bethnal Green, Dockhead, Old Kent Road, Islington, and the surrounding fire departments are on the scene.

“At this stage, the cause of the fire is unknown.”

The Metropolitan Police Department said the building was evacuated.

A spokesperson for the unit said:

“The building is evacuating.”

The London Emergency Service advised the Whitechapel people to close the windows and stay indoors while the fire brigade fights the flames.

A spokeswoman said: “At 4:07 pm today, there was a report that a fire broke out in a skyscraper on Whitechapel High Street.

“We dispatched ambulance crew members, accident response managers, high-speed response vehicle team leaders, and members of the hazardous area response team.

“We are working closely with our paramedics colleagues and need further updates in the future.

“If you’re in the area, stay indoors and keep your windows and doors closed.”

PA media