A Florida councilor has submitted a bill allowing parents to sue the school if staff talk to students about gender identity or sexuality.

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  • The Florida House Commission has passed a bill designed to prevent gender identity debates in schools.

  • The Parent Rights Bill in Education states that it protects parents’ “basic rights to make decisions about raising and managing their children.”

  • LGBTQ supporters have blamed the bill and said it would hurt LGBTQ youth.

Florida lawmakers passed a bill earlier this week designed to prevent gender identity and sexuality debates in the classroom.

The Custody in education billAccording to the report, Florida lawmaker Joe Harding, who submitted the bill, voted Thursday in line with the party’s policy.from Florida politics..

legislation, Proponents call a “not gay” billIf a Florida teacher talks about LGBTQ topics such as identity or sexuality that do not meet the student’s “age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate” guidelines, parents should take legal action against the school district. Say you can.

The bill protects parents’ “basic rights to make parenting and parenting decisions.”

Proponents of the LGBTQ community have condemned the bill and said it would pose additional barriers to LGBTQ students.

The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to LGBTQ youth suicide prevention, said: Report It was announced in August that schools can play an important role in supporting LGBT youth. According to the report, students who have learned about LGBTQ issues and people in the classroom are “23% less likely” to report last year’s suicide attempt.

“This bill will wipe out young LGBTQ students across Florida, crack down on their identities, and push many back into the closet by silencing important discussions about the problems they are facing.” Said Sam Ames, Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs for The Trevor Project. “LGBTQ students, like their classmates, are worth reflecting their history and experience in their education.”

“This will kill children,” said Chastain Butigieg, LGBTQ advocate and Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg’s husband.

“You deliberately make your state a more difficult place for LGBTQ children to survive,” Butigeg called on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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