A Florida girl, Tristin Bailey, 13, was stabbed 114 times in a planned attack by her 14-year-old classmate, state lawyers said.

A 14-year-old Florida boy was charged with one murder on Thursday. Stab 13-year-old classmate Tristin Bailey 114 times, leaving her amputated body in the woodlands earlier this month.

By announcing it Aiden Futch is billed as an adultAttorney RJ Larizza of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals explained the planned act at a press conference at St. Johns County Hall.

“At least 49 of those puncture wounds were on the hands, arms and head. They were defensive in nature,” Laliza said.

“The bottom line is that you can be sure that Tristin Bailey’s number of puncture wounds is enough to infer the criminal intent of the plot. Every time his arm returns, and every time his arm goes down, It was a plot. “

Futch is being charged as an adult, so USA TODAY Network names him even though he is a boy.

The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office has pre-identified the body of 13-year-old Tristin Bailey, who was reported missing on Sunday, May 9.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office has pre-identified the body of 13-year-old Tristin Bailey, who was reported missing on Sunday, May 9.

In the weeks leading up to the murder, Laliza was also shown to be a conspiracy by a statement that Futch told witnesses that he “tried to kill someone by taking him to the forest and stabbing him.” Said that.

When asked if Futch was suffering from mental health problems or was counseled, Laliza replied no.

Bailey, a student at Patriot Oaks Academy, was found dead on May 9 in a woodland near her home in northwestern St. Johns County near Jacksonville.

Clothes with blood stains were found in Futch’s house. Presumed weapons, usually back knives used for hunting, were recovered in a pond near the crime scene.

Tristyn Bailey’s Justice: Legal experts consider issues facing teenage suspects



Futch, who had been detained in the juvenile training school since his arrest, was in the process of being transferred to an adult facility on Thursday, according to Laliza. But as a minor, he is separated from the adult population.

People in St. Johns County and beyond, weeks after Bailey’s death Mourning her death And she tried to comfort her family and seek justice.

Bailey, an avid cheerleader, was remembered for her cheerful personality.

People tied teal ribbons to mailboxes and light posts and organized fundraising activities in Bailey’s memory. Others have begun petitioning to prosecute Hutch as an adult.

Thousands of people gathered to remember Bailey at the Jacksonville Celebration Church on May 18th.

The community laments: Tristyn Bailey remembers as the person who “brought life to everyone around her.”

The Bailey family issued a statement After a press conference on Thursday, he acknowledged the work of the sheriff’s office and the state law firm, thanking the local people for their support.

“Especially for the people of St. Johns who helped with the search, vigilance, memorial, and monument on Mother’s Day. At a press conference sharing details of this vicious crime, people and businesses showed to improve their memory. Compassion and affection Tristin’s beliefs and the determination of our community act as a beacon of light in the dark, “the family said. “As shared in the Celebration of Life in the Battle of Two Wolves, it helps us feed good wolves …. Continues our privacy and Tristyn’s teammates and her school. Please respect. From now on, we will strive to maintain the memory of Tristin and the spirit of the community. “

Asked about possible motives, Larizza said, “We are still working on this case and are investigating it.”

The sheriff reacts: Tristyn Bailey’s death was “a horrific and brutal murder of a 13-year-old child.”

At a press conference, Larizza refused to answer questions about evidence of sexual assault in the case — whether Fucci or Bailey had any romantic relationship. If the victim may have been detained in some way. Or if there is evidence that Futch is trying to target another woman for assault.

“This could just have been the wrong place, the wrong time here,” Lariza said.

Records of minors under the age of 18 have been sealed, but Lariza said Futch had no criminal record.

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