A Florida junior high school teacher kissed a classmate and was arrested, police say

A Central Florida junior high school teacher was arrested after being accused of kissing a class student.

Carlos Aguile Rendon, a math teacher at Deltona Middle School in Deltona, has been accused of kissing a 15-year-old student.

After a week-long investigation, the 29-year-old boy was detained on Wednesday and charged with two felony, lewd or lewd acts, and witnesses of tampering.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, an agent opened the case on January 11, when Aguirre was reported to have kissed a student with his classroom lips. It is unknown whether the class was held at that time.

Prior to that, teenage parents had reported concerns to the sheriff’s office. The mother said she saw Aguile swinging her arm around her daughter in the park.

According to an interview with witnesses, according to the sheriff’s office, “Aguile often seeks to be alone with the victim, as if pursuing a relationship with her outside of normal teacher-student contact. Looked”.

The day before the arrest, the agent learned that Aguile approached a potential witness in the park, asked about the student, and told at least one “don’t talk to the police.” ..

Aguile, who was booked in Volsia County Jail under the name of Carlos A. Lendon, was released on Wednesday night with a $ 12,500 deposit.

VCSO states that additional charges may be incurred until the results of the investigation are available.