A Florida man accused of abducting a woman and forced the woman to join OnlyFans

A Clearwater man has been accused of attacking a woman in an attempt to open an account on a sexually explicit site

A Florida man has been charged with several charges after further threatening a woman with physical violence, unless she created an OnlyFans account after kidnapping and assaulting the woman.

According to the locals Fox series, Clearwater police officials said on May 19th: Demarco SpearsAt the age of 30, he was furious after learning through Snapchat that the victim had gone to a strip club without himself. That night he called her 100 times to get in touch with her.

Around 7 am, the woman in question finally called him and had a quarrel. According to police, Spears drove to the victim’s house, and when she got into his car and spoke to him, he slapped her face and threatened to prevent the child from visiting.

Demarco Spears (Clearwater Police)

Demarco Spears (Clearwater Police)

“Spears tried to drive the victim all day and open a OnlyFans account at her expense, but he told her to make money from the video,” he read. fox news report.

“He also ordered her to cash her salary and give him the full amount. When he parked at the Mid Florida Credit Union to cash his check, she tried to escape. But he pulled her into the car and left the car. “

When Spears later drove to Costco’s parking lot, the victim tried to escape again and called 911. scene.

As a result of the fierce fighting, the victim suffered abrasions on his knees, left elbow, and left shoulder.

The next day, Spears was arrested and is now facing charges of blackmail, weapon robbery, felony batteries, catastrophe, illegal confinement, and tampering with witnesses.

The most sneaky part of this brutal attack story is as Spears film himself engaged in sexual activity with him and other women to create an OnlyFans account as a source of income. The fact that he was trying to force what was supposed to be the victim of.

London-based content subscription sites were once popular with sex workers and their customers, but the service has become mainstream in recent years, especially during times of financial difficulty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is becoming.

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