A Florida man was attacked by a crocodile in a river

A 25-year-old man in Florida is recovering from a crocodile attack last weekend while looking for prehistoric shark teeth in the river.

Jeffrey Heim, who lives in Tampa, was looking for the teeth of a Megalodon shark on the Myacca River, but when he was hit with enough force to think of it as a boat, he was only a few minutes in the water, he said. Told to.

“I thought it was a propeller, but I was really shocked,” Heim said. “I realized I was in my mouth. If the alligator hadn’t decided to let me go, there was nothing I could do to fight the alligator.”

He suspects that the alligator who attacked him was about 9 feet long, probably a female, and was trying to protect the eggs.

Florida wildlife expert last month Warned The breeding season for alligators begins in May and lasts until summer, so people need to pay more attention in the next two months.

After the attack, Heim had 34 needles stuck in his head, a slight fracture in his skull, a bite mark on one hand, and a swelling in his head that prevented him from opening his left eye yet. He said the attack did not damage his brain and is expected to recover completely.

Both his doctor and Heim agreed that it was a miracle that he could live on the other side of the attack and escape without further serious injury.

“If this had taken me somewhere, it might have been a different story, which is why it’s a miracle that I could leave it,” Heim said.

Wildlife authorities are urging people in areas where alligators may be common to be careful and meticulous when spending time in freshwater or brackish waters. According to NBC Tampa Affiliate WFLAWildlife officials say people should swim only during the day and only within the set swimming area, and children should be closely monitored.

Heim collects shark teeth as a hobby and has transformed his love for sharks into a business called SHRKco. Although he vowed not to return to the river where the attack took place, Heim says he will return to the dive as soon as he is ready to dive again.

“There is no doubt that after this we are paying new respect to the wildlife in their habitat. I am not responsible for the crocodile. If the crocodile finds it, they keep it alive. I hope I don’t kill you, “Heim said.

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