A Florida motel housekeeper sent a text message.Then her husband discovered she was killed in the closet

The Straders lived in the Roadway Inn in Venice, Florida, just south of Sarasota.

A 4-year-old mother and grandmother, Tina Strader, was a motel housekeeping manager.Her husband, Gerald, told News Channel 8 what they would do Watch out for each other When she works in the room, and will send a text message.

just in case.

Just in case it happens on Tuesday.

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt Hoffman reported 1710S shortly after 10:30 am after a woman was reported to be bleeding and unconscious in Room 205. On the Tamis Trail, lawmakers said they had arrived at the Roadway Inn. ..

Her husband found her stuffing a towel in her closet in the room. When she sent him a text message at 8:49 am, he finally told him he was going to clean Room 205 from her. Two minutes later he sent her a text message. no reply. He made another transmission at 9:44 am, but still did not respond.

Gerald Strader was worried. This didn’t seem like she didn’t return the text.

According to lawmakers, Tina Strader’s husband is the one who found her in the closet and was tattered and not breathing. He shouted for help, and he and another employee pulled her out of the closet. Her husband started CPR until the agent arrived.

“As a sheriff, it’s difficult for me to share with you,” Hoffman said at a press conference from headquarters on Wednesday. “This is one of the worst crimes we’ve seen recently.”

According to lawmakers, the motel’s surveillance video shows Tina Straddler entering Room 205 at 8:49 am. — Just when she sent a text message to her husband. One minute later, at 8:50 am, the suspect was identified as Stephen Matthew Haverilka, 30, and can be seen entering the room remaining until 9:04 am.

At that time, he leaves the room with a white towel and shoes and walks north until he is out of sight of the surveillance camera.

According to the sheriff’s office, at 9:12 am, Haverilka will be seen again in a surveillance video exiting the motel through the north door. No one else can be seen entering Room 205 from Haverilka leaving the room until the victim’s husband enters Room 205 at 10:07 am.

Despite her husband’s efforts and emergency care, 46-year-old Tina Straddler never regained consciousness, Sheriff Hoffman said.

Booked photo of Stephen Matthew Haverilka at Sarasota County Prison on April 20, 2021.

Booked photo of Stephen Matthew Haverilka at Sarasota County Prison on April 20, 2021.

According to Hoffman, Havrilka was found not far from the motel after a detective was called at 10:38 am about “a suspicious white man near Alligator Drive and the South Tamiami Trail.” It was. Jeans and shirtless regional banks. “

Congressmen caught up with Haverilka near the bank. According to sheriff department and court records, he was found guilty of 34 felony charges, 19 felony charges, 16 felony charges, 10 misdemeanor charges, and 4 prisons. I’m in jail.

He “behaved irregularly, spoke awkwardly, knelt down and began praying on the ground. He appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs,” the arrest report said. “Speak in tongues,” Hoffman added.

“It took five lawmakers to detain him,” Hoffman said.

At a press conference on April 21, 2021, announcing details of the murder of a motel housekeeper in Venice County, a representative of Sheriff Sarasota's office took a photo of Stephen Haverilka, a man arrested and charged. Shows a featured poster board in the second murder. He has been arrested for 34 felony charges.

A mugshot of a man arrested and charged with a second murder at a press conference on April 21, 2021, announcing details of the killing of a housekeeper in a motel in Venice County. Shows a poster board featuring. He has been arrested for 34 felony charges.

Havrilka has been registered as a guest on Rodeway Inn. Room 209. Same floor and several rooms as where Tina Straddler died.

She fought hard. According to lawmakers, she suffered defensive wounds on her hands and bruised her face and head. Blood was bleeding on the bed and the towel in her mouth.

“He didn’t know the victim, but he probably spent days observing her,” Hoffman said. “There is no other way to explain Haverilka. He is an animal. She was doing her job and was terrified and abused. As a husband, I am what this victim’s husband is doing now. I can’t imagine how it feels, “Hoffman said. “I want to see this guy abandoned for the rest of his life.”

Havrilka, who was previously arrested, has been charged with a second murder, including strangulation of someone over the age of 65 and domestic violence by batteries. He is not detained in Sarasota County Prison. His prosecution is scheduled for May 28th.

“The messages and stories I told were amazing. She was the only reason they stayed there and the kind little things she did for them.”

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