A Florida police officer kills a hospitalized teen in need of special help in a battle over crayons

According to Florida police, Jessica Vötre has been accused of murdering her 14-year-old daughter in need of special assistance after a debate over color crayons in a hospital.

Pensacola police said in a news release that Jasmine Singletary was fighting an infection and was admitted to Pensacola’s Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital on July 8 where she was regularly treated for neuromuscular disorders. ..

Five days later, the single tally lost consciousness and held his breath while in the hospital room with his 34-year-old mother and grandmother, police said.

Hospital staff performed “lifesaving measures,” but police said the teenager was unresponsive and was sentenced to death.

Vötre initially lied to the police about his daughter’s injury, but later Confess slamming According to an arrest report obtained by Wear-TV, “put the table in the abdomen of a single tally and then lean on the table with her weight.”

The teenage grandmother said she saw the incident unfold after the single tally Throw her crayon around the room, The Pensacola News Journal reported. My grandmother told Vötre to cool down, and “that’s exactly what Jasmine does.”

A few minutes later, the grandmother told investigators that she had heard her granddaughter say “grandma” and then “her eyes rolled in her head.”

Just before the staff discovers that the single tally is unconscious, a video footage of Vötre leaving the hospital room “waving and bending as if in pain” was reported to Wear-TV. Was done.

According to police, the single tally died of “major rib and liver injuries, injuries that did not exist at the time of admission,” according to an autopsy conducted on July 21.

“The coroner pointed out that the injury was so severe that Jasmine died just minutes after the visit and should have occurred while Jasmine was trapped in a hospital bed,” police said.

Investigators interviewed Bortle and police said she had determined she had committed a Singletary “death-causing injury.”

Bortle police reports obtained by Wear-TV reported that Singletary injuries were “similar to those seen in road accident victims” and were the result of “blunt trauma.”

Vötre lives in Bonify, about 110 miles east of Pensacola, and she was arrested and charged with manslaughter, police said.She is on bail and detained in Escambia County Jail $ 500,000..

Vötre appeared in court in Escambia County via a video feed Tuesday afternoon, the Pensacola Journal reported.

“Our goal is to continue to work closely with the state law firm in prosecuting this case,” police wrote in a statement. “The Pensacola Police Department would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the Jasmine Single Tally family.”