A Florida woman believes in her AirBnB host who will sexually traffick her and her friends


A Florida woman went to stay at AirBnB Tulum I wanted to have a good vacation. Instead, I was nervous on arrival. Main guest Amber Jackson and her friends believed they were likely victims of sex trafficking.

First, there was a mysterious splatter of paint on the door that Jackson thought looked like blood. She contacted the concierge and was told that there was no cause for the alarm as it was actually paint. It didn’t relieve her fears at all, but she and her friends decided to stay in the rental housing as planned.

Next, Jackson realized that there was no way to lock his bedroom.according to Apartment apartment, “She noticed that the keypad wasn’t set in the room. It would essentially make anyone accessible to her room at any time. Jackson reconfigured the keypad himself. “

The third problem arose three days after their stay when a stranger who claimed to be a security guard approached the house. But he wasn’t there from the beginning, so the guest was suspicious.

Jackson contacted the concierge and the owner again, but with no success. She and her friends slept on a nearby knife and checked out the next day.

Wild 94.1 “It wasn’t until Jackson contacted Air BnB directly that he was contacted by a homeowner who offered only a $ 67 refund when the total was $ 3,671.65. After that, Jackson contacted Air BnB about the house. I posted a bad review, but noticed that her review was deleted. “

Fortunately, Jackson and her friends escaped unharmed. However, when she shared her experience online, another woman made similar accusations against the same owner and property. After receiving a series of bad reviews, the owner changed her name and profile picture on AirBnB.

This is not the first tango that vacation rental giants have sexually trafficked.

2018, Global citizens The police Toronto “We have noted the increasing trend of AirBnB rentals used for trafficking after being arrested twice in the Greater Toronto Area.”

In 2020, Air BnB stepped up its efforts to counter this by joining forces with Polaris, a non-profit trafficking organization. The rental company faced criticism because it wasn’t doing enough to fight the problem. In response, AirBnB has announced detailed plans to protect hosts and guests.

This includes face-to-face host training.according to USA TodayThis helps the host community identify the nature and style of booking signals or triggers and provide action steps for reporting potential trafficking. “

If you plan to rent AirBnB anywhere in the world, be familiar with yourself.