A Florida woman was out of control of the plane.Things just got worse on the ground, police say


A Florida woman made quite a few scenes on her trip to South Dakota last Friday night.

According to Rapid City police, Daytona Beach Shores’ Misty Justice Watkins has been accused of chaotic behavior, public obscenity, simple assault on law enforcement, and illegal occupation after a mile-high meltdown. I was beaten.

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Police reported that Watkins caused problems not only in the air, but also on the ground at Rapid City Regional Airport.

According to a police statement, airport police officers were informed of the militant passengers on a plane that had just arrived in a Midwestern city shortly before 9 pm.

A policeman was boarded to escort a 41-year-old individual, but she remained “noisy and destructive.”

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While leaving Delta, Watkins was “rudely exposed to other passengers” before being advised to take off and be arrested.

The report said the policeman noticed “a strong smell of alcoholic beverages from her” when she left the airport, saying the suspect tried to pull him away and kick him while being escorted through the complex. Added.

After a while, police backups arrived and Watkins was taken to Pennington County Prison.

by Rapid City JournalThe suspect appeared in court on Monday and is detained with a $ 100 cash-only deposit for a simple assault on law enforcement and a $ 1,000 cash-only deposit for illegal occupancy.