A former CIA analyst and veterinarian in Afghanistan said Stephen Miller was “commitment” to the death of an Afghan interpreter and “should be held liable for war crimes.”

  • Afghan war veterinarian said former Trump adviser Stephen Miller “should be detained for war crimes.”

  • Defender of Afghan interpreters, Matt Zeller, digs into Miller to oppose the massive resettlement of Afghanistan.

  • “Stephen Miller never wore a uniform for a day in his life. He’s a privileged little kid,” Zeller told CNN.

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Matt Zeller, a veteran of the Afghan war and an advocate of Afghan interpreters, broke into former Trump adviser Stephen Miller for opposition to the resettlement of endangered Afghans. “”

The US-backed Afghan government collapsed within days of the US withdrawing from its 20-year presence in Afghanistan, allowing the Taliban to regain control of the country.

Stephen Miller with flag

Stephen Miller Alex Won / Getty Images

The faster-than-expected government collapse and Taliban takeover are at stake. Tens of thousands of Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) ApplicantsMany of them, like military contractors and interpreters, are now the Taliban’s number one target for working with the United States.

Miller is a strong supporter of strict immigration restrictions and the designer of some of the Trump administration’s strictest immigration policies.He insisted Appeared on Fox News on Tuesday night “People who support large-scale resettlement in Afghanistan do so for political, not humanitarian reasons,” and that it would be too expensive to resettle them.

“The United States has never promised the people of Afghanistan that if they can no longer secure their own country after 20 years, we will take them to our country. It’s nonsense. It’s the US government’s. It wasn’t a policy, “Miller told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

Zeller, co-founder of a non-profit organization No one leaves behindDefending Iraqi and Afghan citizens who fought the US military and helping them get an SIV, CNN’s Wednesday afternoon appearance infuriated Miller.

“That guy has been my personal enemy for almost eight years. I’ve been fighting him since he was a senator at Jeff Sessions,” Zeller said of Miller.

“As far as I am concerned, he is personally as collusion with the deaths of these people as the Taliban. He should be held liable for war crimes. He is to prevent these people from coming here. I spent the entire Trump administration, “he said. Added.

Zeller said he had met Miller and “his likes” many times and spoke of a particular meeting with Janice Shinwari. Afghan interpreter who believes Zeller saved his life, And Republican Senate Judiciary Committee staff and realizing.

In Zeller’s story, Rubbing and Miller said, “We are doing nothing but take Islamic fundamentalist terrorists to our country. It is our job to stop you.”

“They are our people. We are neither us nor they. We are the only ones. Stephen Miller has never been in uniform in his life. He is a privileged little kid. He Should be detained for war crimes. I can’t stand that guy, and I can’t believe you’re giving him more airtime, “Zeller told CNN, Miller” America. Worst of all. ”

Mr. Zeller and other veterans are trying to take Afghan interpreters safely, and ultimately to the United States in what he calls “Digital Dunkirk,” in a “massive airlift operation.” He said he was working 24 hours a day.

“People like Stephen Miller just have to sit and shut up because he’s been part of the problem for so long,” he added.

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