A former Johnny Depp agent said he demanded a $ 20 million distribution during the 2016 financial crisis, claiming he had made a fortune for the agency.

Right: Talent agent Tracy Jacobs taking pre-recorded testimony at the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Left: Johnny Depp drawn in 2021.

On the left is talent agent Tracy Jacobs, who is taking testimony at the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. On the right is the 2021 Depp.Fairfax District Court / François G. Durand / Getty Images / Insider

  • A former Johnny Depp agent said he demanded $ 20 million from his talent agency in 2016.

  • Former agent Tracey Jacobs testified in a defamation trial involving Depp and Amber Heard.

  • “He was expecting us to do that,” Jacobs said, adding that Depp was “financially desperate.”

Johnny Depp’s former agent said in court testimony that during his financial woes, the star demanded a $ 20 million handout from his agent.

“He was expecting us to do that,” said Tracy Jacobs, talent manager at the United Talent Agency.

Jacobs, who worked with Depp for 30 years, spoke as part of a pre-recorded record that the jury saw on Thursday. Defamation trial including Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard..

Jacobs said Depp came to UTA “economically desperately” in January 2016.

Former Depp money manager Joel Mandel I said in the testimony record on Thursday The actor earned more than $ 600 million between 1999 and 2016.

Mandel explained that Depp spends tremendously on security, private doctors, in-house staff, and more. Depp settled a lawsuit with Mandel in 2018 after accusing him of mishandling his money.

Asked to see if Depp asked the agency to get $ 20 million, Jacobs said: give I’m $ 20 million. It wasn’t discussed — the question wasn’t asked as a loan. “

Jacobs went on to say, “I felt he made a lot of money for us. How much money he made while at UTA, we felt we should do it. . “

You can see some of her testimonies here:

Jacobs said the agency initially refused, but eventually succeeded in organizing a loan to Depp through Bank of America. “We are not a bank,” she said.

“It was very helpful to him,” Jacobs added.

Depp fired UTA and Jacobs in October 2016. Various reports..

By that time Jacobs said, “His star was dim.” Due to frequent late arrivals and drunkenness on the set. A 2017 lawsuit against Depp explained that his lifestyle would cost about $ 2 million a month. Vanity Fair reported..

Depp sues hard for $ 50 million defamation case An editorial article about the #MeToo movement published in The Washington Post in 2018 He lost his favor to Hollywood because it hurt his reputation so badly.

Hard, who did not mention Depp directly in the article, filed a $ 100 million counterclaim.

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