A former White House aide says she heard Trump in private.While watching Biden on TV


Alyssa Farah, Donald Trump

Alyssa Farah told CNN that former President Donald Trump would “absolutely” impose some form of dictatorship.Getty Images

  • Trump and his team spent months trying to overturn the 2020 elections.

  • He claimed to have won repeatedly, and the election was fraudulent against him.

  • A former aide claims to have heard him say, “Can you believe I lost to this man?” While watching Biden on TV.

Former White House aide to former President Donald Trump said he had heard that Trump had admitted to losing to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Alisa Farr Griffin told CNN Trade union status She said Trump “Can you believe I lost to this guy?” While watching Biden on TV.

Her comment comes when the House Committee investigating the January 6 riots is trying to prove it. Trump knew he had lost Before claiming that the election is fraudulent and trying to overturn it.

But Griffin said it would be difficult to prove Trump’s intent to perpetuate. “Big lie.”

“I don’t care if this would beat Donald Trump in a legal way,” she told host Dana Bash. “But I think we’ll let the public know about the men who have lost and couldn’t do what we’ve done throughout our history, allowing for a change of power.”

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