A Fort Worth woman was accidentally shot dead while driving when she was beginning her adult life

Haley Watts was unaware of the shooting on the road in front of her when she steered a car around Fort Worth’s apartment on Tuesday night.

Watts began his adult life at the age of 18. She lived with her boyfriend after moving alone about a year ago. He was in the passenger seat when they arrived at the park in Blanc Apartment, 6200 blocks of Salem Circle. The couple intended to visit with their boyfriend’s brother.

When the perpetrators fired at someone else, a shootout erupted around them.

“She was caught right in the middle of it,” said Watts’ mother, Renea Dunn. Dan said the explanation for his daughter’s death came from a police detective.

According to the Tarrant County Medical Inspector’s Office, Watts was shot dead around 6 pm and died in a car with injuries to his left arm and chest.

Fort Worth police did not announce the arrest, and the spokesman did not release any other information about the killing.

Watt, who was an only child for most of her life, had two younger sisters, 3 and 4. She loved them, her mother said.

Watt was previously unemployed because he worked in a warehouse.

And while she hadn’t settled on a long-term work plan, Watts was looking forward to building her family and having children.

“She was great,” Dan said. “She was 18 and was full of energy.”

Watts’ mother said it was important for someone who knew the name of the perpetrator to share it with the police.

“She lived a lot of life before her,” she said.

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