A Fox News analyst has been kicked out of a North Miami cafe.Then came the drama and harassment

A dispute between a North Miami café owner and a Fox News analyst sparked a deluge of online harassment, prompting the café to close until next month.

Gianno Caldwell, Fox News Political Analyst and Self-Proclaimed “PC Enemy” [Politically Correct] Culture was at Paradis Books and Bread at 12831 W Dixie Highway enjoying breakfast with friends on Saturday.

The group’s discussion eventually turned to Caldwell’s conservative view when one of the café owners turned to the table and told them they needed to leave.

During Sunday’s Fox & Friends Weekend segment, Caldwell told him and his friends that the owner was not welcome because their politics were “not aligned.”

“People who happen to be conservative black people have targets on their backs,” Caldwell said in the segment.

caldwell He ranted about the incident on Twitter and Facebook.even added that he hopes Governor Ron DeSantis will look into what happened at Paradis Books and Bread.

However, the cafe shared a slightly different account of what happened Saturday morning on Instagram.

The group arrived, ordered food, and sat in the inner corner of the establishment. It is said that

According to a cafe statement, the group talked about “women in a degrading way” and used “eugenic arguments around their thoughts on Roe vs. Wade.”

“After it became clear that they had finished their meal, we told them that our views did not coincide and that the language they were using was not welcome in our space.

The cafe posted on Instagram that the owner faced harassment after the incident and received a “warning message” on his personal phone number.

That’s part of the reason they decided to close until next month.

Since Saturday, outraged conservatives have posted tweets about boycotting cafes in North Miami.The Google reviews page for Paradis Books and Bread also features a number of negative comments.

Some were perhaps motivated by the Caldwell experience, but more focused on quality of food and service. Others have fully mentioned what happened.

“Terrible people who own and run this establishment,” said one reviewer. “They let my POC friend his GC and friends leave for not being intolerant of free speech. I would leave a negative star if I could.”

“The owner is a socialist and does not support the First Amendment,” said another reviewer.

Furthermore, “It is not safe for certain people to patronize this place.”