A friend shot and killed her protecting a woman from a man she refused outside a bar in Texas, police say

A female friend was shot dead while she was protecting her from a man she refused outside a bar in San Antonio, Texas, police told media.

The woman approached the man by leaving the sports bar at 2800 blocks on North St. Mary’s Street around 2 am on Sunday, February 20th. Moved forward towards herKENS reported.

She revealed that she wasn’t interested. Get angry at being rejectedGrabbed a gun from his car and returned, firing at least one ammunition in the air, police told KSAT.

The woman was Waiting for boarding According to WOAI, from some friends, and at this point they arrived.

Two men, a female friend, charged the suspect, who fired, fatally beat one and injured the other, the outlet reported.

Police reported that the guards and the first police officer on the scene crushed the shooter and he was detained.

According to North Carolina police, the Hooters brawl ends with a person being shot.

According to Texas police, shooters shoot more than 70 rounds in their cars, but the injured inside survive.

Uber passengers charged with shooting a driver, a four-year-old mother, according to a Pennsylvania police officer.

A teen accused of murdering his brother after the story of the “lost bullet” collapsed, according to TX police.

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