A “frustrated” dad kills a crying baby and then falls asleep, Pennsylvania officials say

According to a Pennsylvania district attorney, his father, who initially said he accidentally killed his little daughter in March, admitted that he had deliberately harmed a two-month-old child.

Lamont Bacchus, 31, and two others are Reann M by Lehigh Valley Live. He was charged with an upgrade on Thursday after authorities said he had revealed new information about the baby’s death, identified as Bacchus.

The father initially told police that he accidentally dropped Lean when he stumbled while carrying her on March 19.He changed the story When the results of the girl’s autopsy are revealedMichael Mancuso, First Deputy District Attorney of Monroe County, said in a news release Thursday.

According to the district attorney, autopsy revealed that the baby “suffers from a skull fracture on the left side of the head and numerous scalp and cerebral hemorrhage,” and the cause of death is “traumatic brain injury as a result of murder.” It had been. .. “

Bacchus later stated that “frustration” led to a series of deadly events.

“Bacchus admitted that she hit the baby’s head against the table because of her frustration with crying, while only he was caring for the child,” Manxo said.

According to the district attorney, he soon learned that Lean was dead, but put her on the couch before going to bed.

Bacchus later left home “in search of drugs,” officials said, and the baby was discovered by Bacchus friend Tony Christiansen and his child’s mother, Amanda Green, officials said. Said. Lehigh Valley Live..

According to the newspaper, Christiansen and Green were both 29 years old and found Lean dead on the couch when he woke up. According to the district attorney, they were able to delay calling 911 when they found the baby and hide the drug.

All three were using the drug at home in front of their children, officials said.

Bacchus was charged with criminal murder, endangering child welfare and drug charges. He was also charged with assault on charges of physically assaulting Green the night before his daughter was killed, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

According to officials, Christiansen and Green are currently facing felony-risk and drug-delivery charges.

According to the district attorney, she injected drugs into Bacchus and left the child to take care of him so that he could sleep with Christiansen, and the child’s mother was also charged with manslaughter.

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