A fugitive who died in a plane crash in Ontario serving the Canadian Army: Defense

According to the Ministry of Defense, two men were in the army in Thailand to kill a man associated with a gangster in British Columbia.

Gene Lahrkamp and Matthew Dupre have been accused of Jimi Sandhu’s death on February 4 in Phuket, and police said they had fled to Canada after the incident.

Dupre was arrested in Alberta on February 20th. Meanwhile, Lahrkamp was identified as one of four people who died in a plane crash found on Saturday in northwestern Ontario.

The Ministry of Defense said it served as an infantry soldier in the army and left the army as a corporal, but could not confirm whether they worked together.

Dupre worked from October 2005 to August 2013 and was deployed in Afghanistan for five months in 2010.

Lahrkamp served from February 2012 to February 2018, but never rolled out.

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, an anti-gang force in British Columbia, investigates why Larkamp was on a small aircraft that crashed near Sioux Lookout (Ontario) and its relationship to other aircraft on board. It states that it is.

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