A fully vaccinated Sydney man died of COVID in the 90’s


A Sydney man in his 90s died of COVID-19 at the Royal North Shore Hospital on August 11 after receiving two Pfizer vaccines.

He was originally diagnosed with COVID on July 31st and lived in Wyoming Aged Care in Summerhill before being transferred to the hospital.

Another gentleman in the 90’s died on the same day. He received a single dose of AstraZeneca.

“We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the families of the two deceased gentlemen. We recognize that these deaths are extremely painful to these families and we sincerely condolence them,” said Marianne Gale, Deputy Chief Health Officer. Told reporters on August 12. ..

“We can see that people in the 90’s are frail and vulnerable,” she added.

Premier of New South Wales, Gladys Beregicrian, reported that the state confirmed another 345 infections on August 11.

Greater Sydney was originally placed under a five-week blockade due to the outbreak of a delta variant of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as the new coronavirus.

The blockade was extended for another four weeks on July 28, and the government cited low vaccination rates as the reason behind the home order.

Nine municipalities (LGAs) in Sydney are eligible Tighter restrictions In an attempt to control local outbreaks.

Residents cannot leave the council area unless there is an essential reason, such as work, shopping, or exercising within 5 km of their home.

On August 12, three more were added to the mix, and Prime Minister Beregikrian announced that they would include the Bayside, Strathfield and Burwood LGAs.

Last week, eight New South Wales LGAs were also locked down, including Northwest New South Wales, Dubbo, Armidale, Tamworth, Byron Bay, and the Hunter Region.

Health Minister All I Need resisted the demand for a complete state-wide blockade (an approach adopted by fellow Victorians in Australia).

“There is a clear difference between New South Wales and other states. We have always tried to keep as much of New South Wales open as possible,” he told reporters. ..

“We’ll take a step-by-step look at the problem areas, but at this stage there’s no reason to give any advice on why we’re going beyond where the problem lies.”

Overseas in the United States and Israel, patients have been reported dead or infected with COVID despite being fully vaccinated.

Forty-nine fully vaccinated people died of COVID, according to a July report from the New Jersey Department of Health. But this came from a pool of 4.8 million vaccinated residents.

While in Israel, doctors estimate that “85 to 90 percent” of recent COVID hospitalizations have been fully vaccinated.

Daniel Y. Ten