A fund for aspiring journalists created in honor of KCUR reporters killed in Kansas City

In honor of KCUR reporters, a memorial fund has been created to support aspiring journalists Aviva Okeson-HarbormanWas shot deadly in an apartment in Kansas City.

KCUR and KBIA at the Missouri Journalism School, where Okeson-Haberman began reporting at the university, are working to establish a legacy fund to support journalists who “show the potential to change the world through journalism, like Aviva.” is.

The fund honors Okeson Harborman’s “curiosity, compassion, and tremendous commitment to truth.” Donation page on KCURWebsite.

A 24-year-old reporter died after the injured were found. On Friday, at her ground floor apartment on Lockridge Avenue 2900 block in Kansas City. The detective is investigating her death as a murder.

A colleague remembered Okeson-Haberman as one of the most conscientious reporters they knew. She covered the Missouri government and politics of the public radio station, but helped with a variety of stories from city hall reports and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Condolences to Okeson-Harborman’s loved ones and her colleagues were poured after the shoot.

In remembering her, the Association of Professional Journalists called her the “nova” of the industry. On twitter, The group shared a special feature of the magazine. There, Okeson-Harborman talked about uncovering the problem of Missouri’s Elder Abuse Hotline — a story that led to state investigations and reforms.

“What I’m most proud of is the fact that changes have been made for reporting,” Okeson-Haberman said recently. Quill.. “That’s why I started reporting, and that’s what I like about my work.”

Gun violence is the subject of new state-wide journalism projects. Star has partnered with the National Service Program Report for America in Missouri this year, partly sponsored by the Missouri Health Foundation. As part of this project, Stars seek the help of the community.

To contribute, visit the online Report for America. reportforamerica.org..

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