A Gazprom chief said the “sanctions disruption” means that Siemens will not be able to serve Nord Stream 1.

MOSCOW—Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said on Wednesday that Western sanctions mean Siemens Energy will not be able to carry out scheduled maintenance of equipment on the Nordstream 1 natural gas pipeline, Interfax reported. reported.

Some equipment, such as turbines, require regular replacement to keep the gas moving smoothly. Repairs in the gas market have been on high alert for weeks as fears grow in the West that Russia could completely cut off supplies to Europe during winter, when demand peaks.

Gazprom cited equipment failures or delays as the main reason for the decline in deliveries via Nord Stream. The Kremlin said on Tuesday that sanctions were the only reason NordStream 1 could not operate at full capacity.

“The opposition has issued so many sanctions documents that they have created a situation that can be called sanctions chaos,” Miller was quoted as saying to Interfax.

“And today Siemens has virtually no opportunity to provide regular major maintenance of gas pumping equipment. Siemens has no place to perform this work.”

Siemens Energy, which normally services the turbines, said early Wednesday that it was not involved in the maintenance work being carried out by Gazprom at its compressor station.

In response to Miller’s comments, Siemens Energy said it “cannot confirm these statements” and that maintenance is “expressly excluded” from the sanctions.

Siemens Energy added, “Our technicians are ready to assist our customers with maintenance work if requested or ordered.”

The latest maintenance halted the flow of gas through Nord Stream 1 from Russia to Germany until September 3rd.