A “general hospital” star undergoes brain surgery to remove a cyst that has split in two

“General Hospital” star Kirsten Storms is recovering after undergoing brain surgery to remove a “split” cyst earlier this week.

Storms, 37, shared a series of videos about her. Instagram story Friday details her surgery and recovery process, which looks fine. In the clip, she sits in the passenger seat of the car, next to her former co-star Emme Lyran, and wears a large neck brace.

In the first clip she joked. In less than 48 hours I had a brain surgery so I used a neck brace. It was at the bottom of my brain. M will take care of you until you go to the home nurse. “

She went on to add, “The last few days have been interesting.”

Kirsten Storms sharing news of her brain surgery.  (Kirsten Storm)

Kirsten Storms sharing news of her brain surgery. (Kirsten Storm)

In the video, Storms took a moment to explain the steps she took to dispel rumors and relieve her worries.

“It wasn’t cancer that they had to drain and remove. I want to clarify it now before the internet gets enthusiastic about this.” “I have a very large cyst. Yes, it was divided into two, but doctors felt that the pressure was very noticeable when the skull was opened.

Storms talked about her recovery time, adding, “I’m heading for recovery in the next few weeks, but when this is over I’ll be back at work.”

Rylan joked that at least surgery did not affect one of Storms’ favorite interests, the thread. A former Disney Channel star said he plans to knit to kill time after surgery.

“Let’s see if I can speak a foreign language now,” she joked. “Maybe I know something.”

Kirsten Storms after brain surgery.  (Kirsten Storm)

Kirsten Storms after brain surgery. (Kirsten Storm)

Storms has been known for playing the character of Maxie Jones in the long-lived soap opera “General Hospital” since 2005. He also starred as Zenon Carr in the 1999 Disney Channel original movie “Zenon: A Girl in the 21st Century.” The two sequels are “Zenon: The Zequel” and “Zenon: Z3”.

She shares her daughter Harper Rose with her ex-husband’s “Days of Hour Life” and “General Hospital Star” Brandon Barash. The seven-year-old has been featured on Instagram and proudly calls her “#HarpersMom” in her self-introduction.

A few days before surgery, Storms shared a sweet selfie with her daughter. In this shot, Storms smiles at the camera and Harper closes his eyes and turns his arms around his mother.

“If it’s BEST to snuggle up to, can I get ?? ?!” She captioned her adorable photo.