A German man suspected of killing four relatives and himself


Berlin — German investigators left a note on Tuesday showing that a man was suspected of killing his family and was afraid to be arrested after obtaining a fake vaccination certificate for his wife. Stated.

On Saturday, the bodies of two 40-year-olds and children aged 10, 8 and 4 were found in a gunshot wound at their home in Königs Wusthausen, a suburb of Berlin.

Prosecutor Gernot Vantreon told news agency dpa that the man had forged a vaccination certificate for his wife in a memo found at home, which his employer knew. Said that. The couple were arrested and feared that their children would be taken away. He gave no further details.

Investigators suspect that the man killed his wife, children, and himself. They found a gun in the house, but it wasn’t immediately clear if it was the weapon used to fire a deadly shot. They did not find any sign that someone else was there at the time or that someone had broke into the house.

Associated Press