A giant lion spotted a young hyena wandering alone on the road. Goku goku.

Big lion‘s patience was rewarded after waiting for the unforgettable hyena cub walking towards him South Africa. (The video below may be distracting.)

picture Posted on Wednesday The latest sightings from the wildlife platform showed a young hyena strolling down the road while a lion watched from the bushes.

The big cat raced for time before sprinting down the bank and pouncing on unsuspecting prey. An edited clip shows the lion appearing at his kill and leaving it behind.

“Despite the initial urge to intervene, we knew that interference would disturb the natural balance of the environment. Tanisha Rach, a 20-year-old student who shared with Latest Sightings.

Some YouTube viewers wondered why the young hyenas were alone, but a Latest Sightings spokesperson told HuffPost that the hyenas are exploring the area just as they were when they were grown up. He said it was highly likely that the burrow was nearby.