A girl born on an evacuation flight from Afghanistan named after the call sign of an airplane


Washington — Afghan baby girls born on a C-17 military aircraft during an evacuation flight from Afghanistan will have that experience forever. Her parents named her after the call sign of the plane — Reach.

The U.S. European Command chief told reporters Wednesday that authorities had spoken to the mother and father of the only child actually born on the evacuation flight. General Todd Walters says his parents decided to name her reach because the transport callsign was reach 828.

She was born on Saturday, and members of the 86th Medical Group helped her birth when the plane flew from Kabul to the Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.

Eurocorps says the mother gave birth during the flight and began to experience complications due to low blood pressure. The pilot lowered the altitude to raise the air pressure inside the aircraft and stabilized the mother. Military medical personnel carried the baby to the cargo hold of the plane.

Walters says the baby and family are all in good shape. Two other babies whose parents had been evacuated from Afghanistan were born last week at the Landstuhl Community Medical Center, a US military hospital in Germany.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: A girl born on an evacuation flight from Afghanistan named after an airplane