A golfer saw “something” by the pool in a gated community in Florida.Was alive

Southwest Florida legislators have taken some time off from fighting crime to help adorable animals in need.

According to Lee County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Nestor Montoya, Stonybrook Golf Community In Estero, I was at the golf course Wednesday morning and found “something” lying by my neighbor’s pool.

Montoya said of the Good Samaritan, “I heard they were playing golf.” I guess.”

Indeed, it was an animal – a fawn, or a fawn.

A deer from the area came to look after a fawn that had invaded the balcony through a temporary fence, Montoya said.

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Luckily the fawn was unharmed, but it’s unclear where her mother was or how she left. Her surrogate took the fawn to Blue Her Pearl Animal Hospital in Fort Myers, then transferred her to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic CROW in Sanibel, about 20 miles west.

A photo posted on the Lee County Sheriff’s Facebook page shows a smiling sheriff with brown fur with white spots. He is then seen curled up again, this time in the seat of a police car.

Commentators thanked him for his service, but some were concerned that the fawn was moved when it was likely placed there temporarily so that its mother could forage for food.

CROW spokeswoman Haillie Mesics agreed, telling the Miami Herald on Friday that the fawn should have been left alone.

“It was clear from her health that her mother was taking care of her,” she said. “The mother deer will keep the fawns in a safe place for several hours, so we ask that the finder contact us before tampering with the wildlife.”

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The CROW people “immediately re-nested” the baby, leaving her on a patch of grass near where she was originally left.

“Thankfully, the deer is back where it should be with its mother,” Mesics confirmed. “Unfortunately, she should not have been removed from the area. If she finds a feral baby, she should be sure to contact the nearest wildlife rehabilitation facility before intervening.”

CROW contacted the sheriff’s office but received no response.