A good Samaritan in New York who covered a homeless man with a blanket is attacked

The day before, a Korean man who tried to help a homeless man in New York City was injured. National Korean American Day..

The incident captured in the surveillance video occurred on January 12th at 8:30 am on East 41st and 5th Streets in Midtown. 1010 WINS..

In the video, the victim is identified by NBC New York 59-year-old Sang Park is taking off his coat and approaching 25-year-old Xavier Israel to cover it with a coat.

Israel was sleeping on the sidewalk, but when Park tried to keep him warm, a homeless man suddenly got up and pushed him to the ground.

Israel took the purse of Park, which is said to have led to the struggle as seen in the video. Israel hit the victim’s face several times before fleeing.

Park chased Israel until it arrived at the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue. Israel allegedly took money out of Park’s wallet and put it in his pants. WABC report.

According to NBC New York, Fengliang Wu, who was driving, saw the turmoil and intervened.

“They fought each other for a minute or two, after which the criminals grabbed his money and ran away,” said Wu, who then called 911.

Israel tried to flee, but was soon arrested at West 41-chome and Fifth Avenue. Police recovered about $ 1,500 from him.

The injured Park was treated on-site. He simply wanted to keep the perpetrators warm.

Israel faces multiple crimes, including robbery, theft, assault, menacing, chaotic behavior, harassment, and criminal possession of stolen goods. He is on bail with a $ 25,000 bail.

Less than a week after the incident, Israel was accused of targeting another good Samaritan. On Saturday, he allegedly hit a 49-year-old woman who tried to help him. New York post..

The woman reportedly fell and injured her elbow. Israel was arrested, but was eventually released on a desk-appearance ticket.

On January 2, Israel was also accused of beating two 18-year-old boys in Central Park for no apparent reason. He was also arrested in this case and eventually released.

His lawyer, Brian Kennedy, is demanding his release under the direction of district attorney Alvin Bragg to eliminate pretrial detention for non-serious crimes, the New York Post reported. .. Follow-up articles..

Bragg ordered it shortly after taking office on January 1st. defendant With the exception of murder and other major crimes such as violent felony, sex crimes and corruption, there is a “presumed pretrial non-detention in all cases”.

Prosecutors sought $ 45,000 in bail, citing other Israeli arrests in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Judge Marisol Martinez Alonso of the Manhattan Criminal Court finally set it at $ 25,000.

Mayor Eric Adams Park was reportedly praised for doing something “good”. But he also said that Israel must be “in a painful place.”

“When you see someone attacking someone who helps them, it’s a signal that people are suffering,” Adams said, according to WABC. “And we need to relieve the pain that people are experiencing, even without irradiation.”

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